Pryme Health is more than simply another honey brand

We know the environment that our honey comes from, and the people that work with us to make it.

100% Pure New Zealand Honey

We work from the beekeeper to the global exporter and every stage in between. We pride ourselves on delivering the best NZ honey and making it accessible for everyday enjoyment, as well as its multiple health benefits.

Let Pryme Health be your trusted partner.

Nature delivers

And so do we

We deliver

• 100% honey from NZ

• Independently tested

• Export quality

• 100% owned and operated

• UMFHA Licence #2956

New Zealand honey is generally collected in remote areas or areas free from the issues of suburban crawl such as population density and the threat of pesticides.

Our abundance of unpopulated land makes New Zealand honey more natural compared to global alternatives.

With strict government guidelines related to bee husbandry and apicultural methodology, New Zealand can be trusted as a true source of real and unadulterated natural honey.