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Mānuka Premium Honey

mono floral NZ Mānuka

5+ UMF to 20+ UMF

100% sourced and formulated in New Zealand, our Mānuka mono floral product range meets the strict Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) standards for Mānuka honey. With the full flavour of Mānuka honey, our mono floral UMF range is ideal for those looking to enjoy the taste as well as the benefits of Mānuka.

Mānuka Essential Honey

multi floral NZ Mānuka – from 50+ to 200+ MGO

Our multi floral Mānuka honey range is 100% sourced in New Zealand from a range of plants that includes the unique and beneficial Mānuka plant. With the full distinctive flavour of Mānuka honey, our MGO multi floral range is a perfect way to enjoy the taste and benefits of Mānuka.

What is UMF?

UMF Quality

more than just a number

Our Mānuka honey assures you of its purity and quality. Only companies that strictly comply with UMF Quality Standards and are licensed by the UMFHA are permitted to use the Quality Trademark.

Pryme Health UMFHA license #2956

For our products to carry the UMF™ mark we have had to pass the UMF quality + grading + rating tests.

For more information on these strict quality guidelines that signify genuine, quality Mānuka honey from New Zealand you can visit…

What is MGO?

An organic compound found in Manuka Honey, MGO is the scientific abbreviation for Methylglyoxal and is referred to when talking about Manuka benefits and grading.

The compound offers a range of benefits including anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits to the human body (referred to as Antimicrobial activity).

The New Zealand government restricts health claims that discuss specific details of cures or proven remedies, however, the thousands of testimonials for this compound can’t be wrong.

MGO is the essential number consumers require when considering what Manuka to buy – this rating is developed from a MGO independent laboratory test. The MGO number determines the value of Manuka products, the higher the MGO, the higher the value.